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South-America’s best kept Black Metal secret: Sol Sistere

Sol Sistere is a post/atmospheric black metal act from Santiago, Chile formed in early 2013, but all members have gathered their experiences before joining their forces, in acts as Animus Mortis, Bauda and other underground names. So it is a new band, but an experienced force...

Their music is a blend of strength, melancholic melodies and emotions, which gathers influences from 90’s classic black metal bands and modern atmospheric innovators in order to create such an atmosphere that will embrace most of black metal enthusiasts. And it is recorded raw enough, but still full of a lot of details!

With their 2014 EP titled “I” on Chinese Pest Productions they made their entrance in the scene.

When Hammerheart Records heard the final recordings on the debut full length they could not resist working on “Unfading Incorporeal Vacuum”, because they consider it way too good to be left unnoticed. The combination of past elements such as Dissection, Vinterland and Dawn are completed by influences of today, think bands as Altar of Plagues Drudkh and Wodensthrone.

Sol Sistere creates their own path in a scene full of clones. The innovation in their sound is worthy of mentioning soon in the annals of Black Metal. They reach out to dimensions most bands can only dream about!

Sol Sistere are

Ricardo Araya - Guitars
Pablo Vera - Drums
Juan Díaz - Bass Guitar
Luis Zapata - Guitar & Vocals


Unfading Incorporeal Vacuum (2016 - Hammerheart Records)

Full-length HHR2016-29

  1. Death Knell
  2. Relentless Ascension
  3. Deliver Us
  4. Sight Of The Oracle
  5. Degraded Soul
  6. Towards The Morning Star
  7. 6th Replicant
  8. Seeker Of Souls

June 2016 by Hammerheart Records

Produced by Sol Sistere

Recorded by Sol Sistere and Carlos Fuentes (drums)

Mixed by Sol Sistere

Mastered by Carlos Fuentes at Sonido Origen

I (2014 - Pest Productions)


  1. Relentless Ascension
  2. Reborn
  3. Egregorian

Released on October 10th 2014 by Pest Productions
Produced by Sol Sistere
Recorded by Sol Sistere and Carlos Fuentes (drums)
Mixed and mastered by Sol Sistere



Prague, Czech Republic
Club Modra Vopice (w/ Sorath, Goatcraft)

Anyksciai, Lithuania
Devilstone Festival (w/ Satyricon, Wildernessking, Oathbreaker, Sólstafir, Alcest...)

Bucharest, Romania
Hybrid Club

Sofia, Bulgaria
Live & Loud (w/ Orenda, Tumir)


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