After several intense performances on stages across Chile, Sol Sistere has positioned itself as a key element in the national black metal scene. The band was formed in Santiago de Chile in early 2013 by experimented metal musicians.


Their music is a mixture of powerful yet melancholic melodies full of emotion, which brings together the sound of the classics of the genre with the vibe of modern innovators to create an atmosphere capable of moving the toughest metal enthusiasts. It’s in this context that their sound is defined as ‘atmospheric’, a characteristic that makes them one of the few, and the most important representatives of this current in the region.


They made an entrance to the global scene with their 2014 EP titled simply “I”, released by the Chinese label Pest Productions, renowned international breeding ground for metal bands with an ambient sound.


Later, in 2016, when Sol Sistere decided to release their debut full-length album called “Unfading Incorporeal Vacuum”, the prestigious Dutch label Hammerheart Records, after listening to the final version of the songs, could not resist to work in the album as they considered it “too good to go unnoticed”. According to the label, “Sol Sistere creates their own path in a scene full of clones. The innovation in their sound is worth mentioned in the annals of black metal. They reach dimensions many bands can only dream of”.


In 2019, Sol Sistere released their second full-length titled “Extinguished Cold Light”, once again via Hammerheart Records, and it’s an album which continues the path established in their previous release but consolidates the personality of their music as a balance between aggressiveness and emotivity.


Having toured Europe twice to date, the band is always seeking to expand their reach and send the whole world a clear message: the solstice is here to stay.


Sol Sistere are

Ricardo Araya – Guitars
Pablo Vera – Drums
Pedro Chávez – Bass
Carlos Fuentes – Guitars
S – Vocals


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I (2014 – Pest Productions)

EP • PEST097

  1. Relentless Ascension
  2. Reborn
  3. Egregorian


Released on October 10th 2014 by Pest Productions
Produced by Sol Sistere
Recorded by Sol Sistere and Carlos Fuentes (drums)
Mixed and mastered by Sol Sistere

Unfading Incorporeal Vacuum (2016 – Hammerheart Records)

Full-length • HHR2016-29

  1. Death Knell
  2. Relentless Ascension
  3. Deliver Us
  4. Sight Of The Oracle
  5. Degraded Soul
  6. Towards The Morning Star
  7. 6th Replicant
  8. Seeker Of Souls



Released on June 2016 by Hammerheart Records
Produced by Sol Sistere
Recorded by Sol Sistere and Carlos Fuentes (drums)
Mixed by Sol Sistere
Mastered by Carlos Fuentes at Sonido Origen


Extinguished Cold Light (2019 – Hammerheart Records)

Full-length • HHR2019-17

  1. Elemental Chaos
  2. Spiral Moon
  3. Descending Light
  4. The Faceless
  5. Swallow the Misery
  6. Insignificance upon Us
  7. Juxtaposed Universe


Released on May 3th by Hammerheart Records
Produced by Sol Sistere
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Sonido Origen Studios in Santiago, Chile.




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